Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tomorrow is a very exciting day!!

As you all know, tomorrow is the big day! The picks are in, the bets are made, but who will win is nothing more than a toss up! Such a manly day, basically, but there are some of us girls who will be cheering on our alternate teams, while faithfully knitting away. Not to mention we will be watching all the new commericals and of course Mick and the Stones at half time. We will be having a party at our fire department, we went and did our shopping at BJ's last night courtesy of the fire dept. of course. I just hope everyone stays safe tomorrow and we don't get any calls. I'm sure the guys hope the same thing. We will be bringing swedish meatballs and I think I might whip up a little guacamole. Love it!! So who will it be: the Steelers or the Seahawks? I hope the Steelers! I guess we'll find out tomorrow!! As you can see my sweet hubby helped me to at least get some of my favs up on the side bar. I'm kinda gettin the hang of this stuff and having alota fun. Ya know those little jars they sell in cute little gift shops that say "girls night out stash" well I want to find one that says "yarn stash". I really need to buy some more yarn though I'm sure hubby would beg to differ with me on that one. But seriously I really do. There are so many things I want to knit and each project requires yarn, ssssoooo I need mmoorree yarn!! I know what I should really do is quit smoking and save all the money I would use to buy cigs and put it in that cute little jar and problem solved. Yeah right, we'll see! Not much goin on other than still working on the sweater. Really need to get that finished. It's so cold today, I can't stand it. I really need to move south. Well girls, catch up with ya on Monday. Have a terrific weekend and root for the Steelers (or not)! Later


Blogger kate said...

congrats on your new blog--it's a great start! i love your idea of a yarn stash jar. might have to start one of these myself! happy blogging!

10:19 AM  

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