Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Knitting Olympics and Team New York!!!!

It's official, I've joined Team New York! Hopefully I won't let them down. I finally got my knitting library up on the site which got me thinking about all my books, especially the one's that haven't been looked at much. So, I sat on the couch and started reading, yes I said reading, Knitting in the Old Way. What an awesome book. Really never knew I had so much material on topics like Aran and Fair Isle, just the type of knitting I've been wanting to sink my little needles into. I'd have to say the older books in my collection are the one's I like best. You definitely can't beat anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann, Gladys Thompson, Mary Thomas, Beth Brown-Reinsel or Mary Walker Phillips. I need to invest in some Meg Swansen books to like Sweaters from Camp, Knitting and Handknitting. Schoolhouse Press has a wonderful selection of older books that are hard to find. In fact, they have a great selection in wool and buttons. I don't know if anyone has ever noticed but there is this little pic of Elizabeth in the back of The Opinionated Knitter on the very last page in the bottom right hand corner. I love that pic of her. What a beautiful woman. It would have been an honor to have had a knitting lesson from her! Dust off those old books and give them a read. Keep on Knitting!


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